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Campbells Creek: Swim, Learn, Survive

About us

Recognised Swim School

We started this swim school 11 years ago after not being able to find a good quality swim school for our own children. We wanted somewhere that was going to be able to teach children how to swim and survive in water in a fun, caring, clean and private environment. Our aim is to provide the children with the right environment to explore, practise skills safely and develop self-confidence and self-esteem whilst also having fun. We are a recognised Austswim swim school and follow the teachings of Life Saving Victoria.

Campbells Creek Swim Trainers


  • Darren Cooper
  • Austswim Teacher
  • Qualified for 9 years
  • Kerry Cooper
  • Austswim Teacher
  • Qualified for 10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Swim, Learn, Survive

Campbells Creek: Swim, Learn, Survive - FAQ

Some of our popular frequently asked questions are listed below. If you have further questions or unclear about something feel free to contact us.

Do you have Parking?

Yes. We have lots of off street parking including disabled.

How deep is the pool?

The pool is .80m at the shallow end and gradually goes to 1.88m at the deepest end.

What is the pool temperature?

The pool is set at a constant 34 degrees.

How long do lessons go for?

Lessons go for 30mins.

How many children are in each class?

We have a limit of 5 per class. Infant aquatics have a limit of 6.

Do the children need to wear swimming hats or goggles?

Swimming caps are compulsory for all children in the Swim and Survive levels. Goggles are optional. For your convenience we sell caps and goggles on site.

Are make-up classes available if my child is sick?

No. As we limit the amount of children per class there is no space to offer make up classes.

Can I pay my lessons off?

No. Lessons must be paid for at the commencement of classes.

Are the instructors qualified?

Yes. All instructors are Austswim Qualified.

Do you do private lessons?

Yes, if there is space available.

Want More Information?

Call (03) 5470 5865

Infant Aquatic Classes

Starting your child in classes at a young age is beneficial for many reasons. By learning in a fun, happy and safe environment full of songs and games, aimed at different stages of a child’s development, where they can explore and practice skills safely whilst developing self -confidence and also promoting parent participation.

Swim and Survive Classes

It’s never too late to learn to swim no matter what age the child is. From 5 – 15 years of age, these classes can teach you the basics of learning how to swim, (entry and exits, floating etc.) right through to competitive stokes, (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly), as well as survival strokes like Sidestroke and Survival Backstroke, treading water, diving and basic rescues. Safety is our number one priority so we teach the children not only about pools but also about rivers, dams and oceans.


Hydrotherapy is not just for ‘old’ people. It is for any person young or old who has had injuries, whether it is from an accident or an illness, which need to regain strength and mobility. The warm water has many benefits. It can help stimulate the blood and treat symptoms of certain diseases/ disorders like Arthritis, Back pain and Muscle loss. It can also help with chronic pain.

Summer Intensive Program

Our Summer Intensive Swimming Program is usually held during the first two weeks in January. The benefits of this program are that the children get to practise every day what they were learning the previous day because it is an everyday program. In two weeks they can potentially learn as much as doing a whole term of weekly lessons. Children will be divided into their ability groups and will be taught the Swim and Survive program set out by Life Saving Victoria.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Reduce Chronic Pain

Hydrotherapy treatments use the physical water properties, such as temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes to stimulate blood circulation, and treat symptoms of certain diseases. Hydrotherapy also reduces chronic pain and helps to increase mobility. Hydrotherapy is used to treat disorders such as: *Arthritis, *Strokes, *Muscle loss, *Back Pain and *Chronic Pain






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